This plan is for working professionals who:

  • Want to eat healthy, but don't know where to start

  • Are fed up with food

  • Need help with accountability for your current eating plan

Meet Your Coach

CEO at Food Experience Unplugged

Michelle Seidling, PhD

As a Food Experience Architect and Instructional Psychologist, Michelle empowers working professionals to develop healthy, sustainable eating habits for life success. She helps people throughout the world transform their mindset about food as a catalyst for positive change. She is a regular contributor to publications such as Addicted 2 Success, Thrive Global, and others. Michelle is also a speaker and podcaster on connecting food with life success.

This monthly plan includes...

  • Digital Chat Coaching

    Implement daily habits to eat healthier and have the energy you need for your work and your life.

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  • Reference Guides

    Topics such as developing your food attitude, goal setting, and food resources are all focused on helping you build healthy habits.

  • Food Experience Journal

    Gain visibility of your food choices and health habits in order to make needed adjustments.

Building consistent health habits starts today.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say

Reinforcing Habits


“Michelle did a wonderful job of coaxing out reasons for my goals to make me further internalize them, and reinforce habits. She’s great to have in your corner.”

Asking the Right Questions

Leigh P.

"I originally connected with Michelle through a coaching app with the desire to leverage mindful eating to lose weight. I knew many techniques around health and mindful eating, but wanted someone with strong coaching ability to help me with accountability. Michelle was just that. Not only did she hold me accountable, but she asked the right questions and made tailored suggestions to help me achieve my goals. I lost weight and felt good about it. Now, over 6 months later I am still working with Michelle to connect on my goals and progress. I highly recommend her and her methodology to help anyone achieve their food or weight loss goals in a way that feels natural and easy."

Staying Accountable


“Michelle has done a great job supporting me in staying accountable to the mindful eating and healthy lifestyle methodology I wanted to start following again. ”

Accomplishing Positive Change

Sally H.

“I love reporting a positive change in my life! Working with Michelle as my coach to change the way I plan, prep and enjoy lunch has really been a huge change for me. Michelle coached me to focus on what I wanted to accomplish, research alternatives to positive change, and implement those changes in a step-by-step manner. I am so happy with the results!”

Discovering Blind Spots

Chris B.

“Even though I know exactly how important right food choices are for me, and how huge an effect it has on my life when I prioritize this, especially lunch often gets forgotten in my super-packed days. Michelle showed me, how I can easily incorporate it without it becoming an additional burden. She not only held me accountable, but - even though I feel rather aware about my nutrition already - she pointed out some blind spots to me, was extremely supportive and adaptive in difficult phases, and seems like a fountain of knowledge about anything food. Because of Michelle I have more energy now, my afternoon lows are minimal, and I even started creating new recipes again, which I haven't done in ages! :)) Thanks so much for your work, Michelle!”